get in touch.

If you fancy getting in touch for a chinwag, any questions…or even to moan about my life choices, there are numerous ways to do so.

You can phone me at 07-- just kidding! 

I talk about telly & lord of the rings on twitter.
I take photos of my face & food on instagram.
I look at pictures of hairstyles I'll never be able to create & food I'll never be able to make on Pinterest.
I waste my time on tumblr. 
& if its a particularly good day then I check my emails on…email.

So there we go all the ways of getting in touch with me, a warning -- I'm a notoriously bad replier so it may take a while but I promise I'll get back to you! :) 

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


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  1. Hey I love your blog it's really fascinating to hear another perspective on things could you tell me what you think will happen in the third instalment of the hobbit.